Our Story

Krishna Mehta collections are works celebrating the eternal love story of art and craft.

“I’ve always been obsessed with fabrics, colours and textures.”

“In everything you do aesthetically, you have to go with what you love, whether it’s garments or the works you surround yourself with, all that speaks to you and make you dream, that’s what makes it your own.” Says Krishna Mehta, the creative director behind the brand KRISHNA MEHTA.

Krishna, a champion of handcraftsmanship and ethical production, with an incredible artisanal legacy has been totally involved with the design world, in one way or another over 40 years.

Her fashion style transcends both, the orthodox and the trendy, mixing different patterns and colours in an impressionist way.

The collections are a collaboration with the artists, hand embroiders, dyers, block printers and weavers coming together with a spontaneous and inventive approach.

“So many skills of different artisans, art mediums, and minds treating the subject with a vivid energy on a handloom, with a block, a brush, or a needle and thread, with their simple traditional techniques, with their own perspective, come together adding to the purity and power to bring the collections to life!”