Giving Back

Om Creations / SPJ Sadhana School

Krishna has always had a calling for working with the differently-abled individuals. She has taken a course in teaching and communicating with these bright vibrant people at a very young age and has always wanted to work with them. In 2014, the collection was entirely block-printed and texturized by the children of the SPJ Sadhana School and the young individuals of Om Creations. Through these devoted organizations, the designer was able to achieve her goal to empower and promote them. She is eternally grateful to these individuals, who, without any inhibitions, unconditionally helped her stretch her horizons and open her arms to a world of possibilities.

A gracious Thank You to SPJ Sadhana School, Om Creations and every teacher and volunteer who work there. Furthermore, to every well wisher and friend, who have collectively empowered and aided us in their own ways to dream higher. We continue to work for this cause today

BIG quote on one side – “It’s like a dream, a dream of hundreds of my differently challenged new friends, that I want to fulfill.”


Based in Palanpur, Palak was a dream that Krishna fought hard to make into a reality. She started by posting an advertisement in all the local newspapers, calling all the hearing and speech impaired, as well as the individuals who were disabled. She asked to come interview with her for those who were interested in learning the trade techniques of block-printing, quilting, dying and various other textiles processes. When the collective came together, she explained the various trades, and started creating groups for people.

Everyone who tried to block print, and managed to keep a steady hand, no matter the time it took to complete the task were grouped together. All the skilled women who could stitch were taught how to quilt and were also grouped together. In this manner, the various divisions were made and the organization was built. She aimed to provide these individuals with consistent work. Her goal was to empower them, and prove to them their own independence. This organization was later dissolved but still remains a beacon of hope, and a plan that may be realized in the future.