Brand Philosophy

Several techniques are unconventionally combined and beautifully accentuated in process of creating a Krishna Mehta garment.


Traditional Indian textiles are used in a very modern way. Being sourced from the best; brocades from Varanasi, jamdanis from Bengal, tussars from Bhagalpur and silk mals from Maheshwar, these fabrics produce a symphony of meticulously treated silhouettes.

Dyeing techniques

An array of colors ranging from the warmth of fuchsia, orange and reds to the cool tones of indigo, blacks and purples are dyed through various tried and tested methods. Single color dyeing, Shade dying or Ombre effect as well as shibori (a style of tying before dyed) are all tried over hundreds of samples to determine to perfect method for the final garment.

Block Printing

Using archaically hand carved wooden blocks by artisans from Farukhabad. designs and motifs are molded and combined to produce traditional as well as contemporary designs. Discharge or Pigment Dyes may be used to bind these designs with the beautifully colored fabrics.


Tied, dyed and/or textured fabric is then explicitly either hand embroidered or machine embroidered. Each garment once finished is carefully checked and finished by hand.