Krishna Mehta


Our Story

Krishna Mehta, the creative director of the brand “Krishna Mehta” established since 1988, is one of the fastest growing designer brands in India with an international character and appeal with retail operations spread over 30 stores nationally.  She has a great interest in teaching and plans on working further with school to educate the future of fashion. Designer, mentor, and consultant in fashion related fields.

She uses her heritage as the starting and ending point for all her design inspirations, re-living the classic design fundamentals of the country. As a designer, she speaks in muted tones, through pure fabrics and product innovations, which are evident in her garments – refined, elegant, and classic. Breaking through the norms of Indian culture motivated her to spread her wings and explore the world of couture.  Through her years of designing Krishna has found a rhythm within her work, with a twist of the unexpected.

Philanthropy remains close to her heart, she has always had a calling for working with the mentally and developmentally challenged. She strives to create self-empowerment within the community and generates regular income for organizations that work with the challenged individuals.

Well first of all, I am not a fashion designer.

For me it is all about textiles, for me it is all about the core, the main substance of a garment.

I am more of a textile designer.

– Krishna Mehta.